International Trade Council – Call for Speakers

International Trade Council – Call for Speakers

Call for Speakers
International Trade Council Webinar Series
The International Trade Council is compiling a roster of thought leaders and industry insiders to speak in the Council’s regular webinar programme – packed with timely insights, strategic views, and actionable items.

The Council is currently accepting speaker proposals now for 2015

Benefits of presenting:
• Showcase your expertise as a thought-leader to a suitable target audience.
• Reach an audience of national and international prospects.
• Attract, and retain, the attention of prospective clients.
• Build your brand
• Often leads to participants requesting further information and/or to contact the presenter outside of the presentation forum.
• Provides a fast way to attract a large audience and turn them into paying clientele later on.
• The webinar can be run from the comfort of your own office and at zero cost.
ITC webinars have been attended by up to 200 CEO’s and senior managers at a time – making it an ideal platform for speakers to showcase their expertise on a wide range of topics.

Members of the International Trade Council include large corporations, small businesses, domestic organisations, chambers of commerce and business associations, educational institutions and legislators.

Important notes:
Proposals promoting specific company products or services will not be accepted; however proposals explaining underlying methodologies, technologies and/or impacts of the same are acceptable. Speakers will be provided with contact details of all attendees (registered and/or attending). Contact info for the primary speaker of the submission is included. We require direct contact with presenters to expedite questions during the submission review process and will not consider submissions where we are unable to do this.
ITC news reaches CEO’s at 2.4 million companies!

Top 10 Reasons to Join the ITC
1. Status: Become known as a community leader through your membership in the Council. Participants can also increase their status by participating in high-profile events, webinars and volunteer opportunities.
2. Connections: Create strategic alliances and build lasting business relationships through networking, social media and events. We can even arrange for you to host a networking event – featuring your business – and we will do all of the work sending email invites and follow-ups for you (and at no extra cost)!
3. Knowledge: Take advantage of professional development programming and educational seminars and webinars that are complimentary with membership.
4. Credibility: The International Trade Council works with major corporations, non-profit organisations, chambers of commerce and legislators worldwide. Membership is limited to only those organisations which display the highest levels of quality and integrity.
5. Representation: Become part of a collective voice of over 1.3 million business owners speaking out together to affect local, national and international trade policies.
6. Visibility: Be there when your potential consumers are searching for your specific service or product through the ITC online business directory, twitter page, youtube video page and email newsletters. (the ITC will also produce a 30 second “introductory/spokesperson-style” video about your business free of charge).
7. Information: Receive regular updates about issues that will have an impact on your business.
8. Growth: Gain new customers and grow sales through no-cost promotions like the Council’s couponing program and discounted rates a range of products and services.
9. Savings: Receive free contact databases, legal advice, training coursewares, ebooks, discounted access to meeting rooms in 37 countries and other member-to-member discounts.
10. Good Citizenship: Be known as a home-grown business that is there for those who want to buy local and keep their dollars spent in their community.

The ITC has members in 72 countries and includes some of the world’s largest corporations.

More information can be found at


International Trade Council
Rond-Pont Schuman 11. 1040 Brussels. Belgium
Phone: +32 (2) 588 5803 | Fax: +32 (2) 588 5804

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