Outdoor Decking

Vohringer Outdoor Decking Floors

Below is a list of outdoor decking flooring types being offered by Vohringer.



Vohringer Wood Plastic Composite(WPC) widely used for outdoor decks is manufactured by combining wood fibres with plastic to create a low maintenance, durable, dense and strong floor decks. We are able to achieve the best qualities of wood and plastic when combining them together. The deck will not rot or splinter and the colour will not fade. There is no need to paint or stain the surfaces of the deck. To keep the deck looking its best, house owner can jet wash their deck with water once or twice a year.

Vohringer wpc use the 3 processes – reduce, reuse and recylcle process. It has low impact on the environment and maintains high environmental standards.

And wood-plastic composites besides been popular for uses in outdoor decking and also in park benches, cladding, etc.


BALAU WOOD Outdoor Decking

Balau is a tropical durable hardwood which is widely used in the construction industry. Its colours range from yellow to brown, and also red. In Singapore it is common to use yellow and red balau decks. It has good fire rating property and naturally resistant to decay, fungus, insects attacks dents, wear and abrasion.

Balau wood will be kiln dry. In kiln drying, almost all the moisture will be extracted from the wood which make the deck weather resistant, and commonly used for outdoor decking.


CHENGAL WOOD Outdoor Decking

Chengal is the most commonly used outdoor deck in singapore as it has a beautiful hardwood look . Chengal is naturally durable and resistant to decay. It can be used in all climates without preservative treatment. Matured chengal wood is more durable than young chengal wood. After the kiln drying process, young chengal wood will still have more moisture comparing to matured chengal. Young chengal is cheaper and probably come from illegal logging of young chengal trees.


IRON WOOD Outdoor Decking

Iron wood is a very hard and stable tropical wood which is used in outdoor heavy duty decking in construction and also ship building. It is several times harder than softwood. Installers would usually use carbide tipped drill bits and saw blades when constructing iron wood decking. The other advantages of iron wood is that it has a Class A fire rating like steel, safe for ground contact and resistant to boring insects and moulds. However, hairline cracks can appear overtime.


TEAK Wood Outdoor Decking

Teak wood is dense and has superior weathering resistance and is often used for outdoor decking, boat building and outdoor furnitures. Teak wood grows in challenging environment withstanding rain, monsoon, sun, winds, drought and other harsh factors. When Teak tree is subjected to harsh environment it bend rather than break. Being durable and containing natural oil make teak resistant to water, decay, fungus, rot, insects and bacteria.


BURMESE TEAK Outdoor Decking

Burmese teak is from Myanmar (previously known as Burma) and is one of best materials for use as outdoor decking. It got a beautiful rich look with curly swirly grains. its colour is darker than plantation teak .