Below are some samples of testimonials from customers who have used our Flooring & Laminate floor products, for your reviews.

All these testimonials are genuine and records could be checked & verified.


Hi Victor,

The floor is beautiful. Workmanship is very good ...
Thank u very much.




Hi Joseph,
A very good job done on the floor.. Thanks !!
Will recommend my clients over to you when they need this done.




Hello there..
My husband & I are interested to change our flooring for the entire home (except 2 toilets and yard).

We were highly recommended by our close friends to engage your service.
Are you able to elaborate further on how we can meet up to discuss further on the quotation?

Looking forward to hear from you soon.


Mum was impressed with your service, workmanship and installation team

Hello Victor,

Mum was back yesterday. She has told me what a great job you did and the photos speaks for it. I was initially concerned about the outcome with the cutting of the door, reuse of skirting etc. however that concern was unfounded.

Thank you. You service is great and I really appreciated the fact that you took me through everything step by step.
Mum was so impressed with your service and the workmanship of your installing team she said she would definitely get you to do our other place when we renovate it or recommend your service to others.



Why I choose Vohringer laminate wood flooring

I would like share my family's experience with Vohringer laminate wood flooring for the 2nd and 3rd floor and the staircase of our inter-terrace house. We have looked at 3 companies and have visited the showroom for 2 including Vohringer and below are the key reasons why we have decided on Vohringer.

(1) Very responsive and patient pre-sales. The person attended to us and followed through the project is Victor Lee.
He is extremely experienced and has provided us very honest and practical advice - examples are retain the existing skirting - they will take it out and put it back that you will not even notice - thanks to the excellent worksmanship and it blends really nicely with existing doors and furnitures, used the ones with wax edges for all
except staircase and study room since they are not near to the windows or bathrooms and less exposure to water.

He is very professional. Our original plan before visiting the showrooms has excluded the staircase as we are on a tight budget. He has shown us photos of their past projects and many including staircase. The work done for staircase is so impressive that we immediately changed our mind and included staircase in our plan. His initial quotation based on our estimated flooring size is very reasonable and we know we can trust him.

(2) Good Reputation, Quality matters - We have done online research. Even though we could not find many online feedback on Vohringer, all are very positive. This company has been in Singapore for many years and the wood is produced and cut (we chose AC4) in Germany. That gives us even more assurance.

(3) Very Reasonable price for the quality and service we are getting. Value for Money!!!

(4) Unlike another company, which we were also seriously considering back then, what we really like about Vohringer laminated wood flooring is it has no gaps and you may not even think it is laminated flooring. When you step on it, it is very comfortable and we also think no gaps mean less possibility for dust trapping and ease of
maintenance and cleaning.

(5) Excellent worksmanship. 2 workers were dedicated and they completed 2 floors + staircase in 4 days - ahead of schedule by 1 day. This is impressive as we have many furnitures including heavy ones like sofas and piano and many many objects. They are very careful and my family members are all very impressed when we see the work they have completed on the 1st day.

(6) Last but not least. I believe I will get good post sales service from Victor too as someone from their Germany office has visited my place recently as part of their audit.

I have hereby attached some photos - 1 before and after picture of the staircase for comparison and a few others.

photo 1.jpg
photo 2.jpg
photo 5.jpg



Good job, and recommended 3 families to use Vohringer Laminate Wood Floor

Dear Victor

Thank you for your swift reply.
I'm home everyday except this week 3-5 Sep. Appreciate they call me before coming. My home tel ******** and mobile ******** .

Thank you once again Victor.

P.S Want to let you know too that I've recommended at least 3 families to use your flooring after they saw my floor..good job




Vohringer Floor withstand daily test at our Yoga center.

We are pleased to inform our satisfaction by using Vohringer flooring and its skirtings at our Yoga Centre ... For one year and 5 months, the floor have been “tested” daily by our many yoga students without even a single scratch or any other sign of weaknesses!

The planning and service supplied by Victor Lee and his staff has been very professional and satisfactory. We strongly recommend these products to others.

Thank you


Ananda Marg Yoga Society
(Tel. 63446519) email: amyoga@gmail.com


Vohringer Laminate Flooring A Great Expreience

Dear Jedd and Victor,

I would like to share my great experience with Vohringer Laminate Floor for the job well done in my 5 room flat at Punggol Central.

I have been browsing the internet for sometime to get the right company to do the laminate flooring and I am so glad that I found Vohringer.

The pre sales and after sales service were excellent. The floor board quality is superb that come with good skirting height at a very reasonable price.
My whole family were happy and satisfied with the product and service from the Vohringer Team.

I would highly recommend Vohringer Laminate Flooring.
Thank you very much.

Warmest Regards


Happy Laminate Flooring customer wish to do also for new home

Hi Victor

I hope this email finds you well. Nice to speak to you last week. I am happy with the previous laminate floor supplied by you 7years ago and would like to consider your product for my new place.

Appreciate if you can provide me with some samples and cost quotation for the following:

Floor area approx. 800 sq.ft.

Grey and oak range colors
733 Light Grey Maple
645 Light Chestnut Oakwood
651Pearl Walnut
004 Alder Diamond
133 Planked Natural Oak
184 Princeton Oak



Awesome flooring of Vohringer

Oh wow, thank you so much.

Will do the necessary posting on my blog, facebook n reno forums websites about vohringer once everything is complete and I can take photo of the awesome flooring.
I will remind my contractor about the floor. Thank you so much Victor.



Thank you, & recommended you to our adjunct lecturer

Thank you very much Victor.
I have recommended you to one of our adjunct lecturers.



Job well done for our floor

Thanks Victor for the job well done for our floor. We love how it looks now!.

Thank you and happy new year! :)



Vohringer floorboard safety standard for toddler use, product quality,workmanship & service quality

Like any apprehensive house-owner who was considering laminating one's house, my wife and i researched and were overwhelmed by the numerous laminate products available in Singapore price, product and customer service were key factors as we shortlisted possible candidates, of which, Vohringer was one of them.

We were impressed by your website, variety of laminate wood flooring designs and promptness of your email replies. This assured us that your company was serious on costumer service , which was also demonstrated during your visit to hour house as you look pains to explain the merits of the product, the price and product quality offered by other floor laminate-laying process.

Like any prudent customer, we compared the price and product quality offered by other laminating companies, While we acknowledge that vohringer may not be the cheapest in the market, we were however, more confident of the overall product quality. we preferred the never skirting design of each floorboard instead of the hybrid glue-and-lock system offered by cheaper competitors. having a toddler and expecting a newborn soon. we were also satisfied by the floorboard,s safety standards.

Your workmanship and quality of service were further exemplified by the preparation and actual laminate-laying performed by your workers. They were proactive and meticulous in getting the job done effectively. in fact , we were gratified that the foreman catered to our request to complete the job one day, which could not be postponed due to my work schedule. we also appreciate your prompts after-Sales service, when the skirting need to be adjusted due to carpentry works.

All in all, we were pleased with the service and product, and would like to communed your company on job well done. We would definitely recommend your company to customer who value superior product and service quality at very reasonable rates. Thank you.

Daniel Toh


Thanks for Wonderful flooring work

And again, many thanks for the wonderful flooring work you and your team have done for my apt.



Very pleased with Excellent workmanship

Hi Victor, Kim here.
I am very pleased with the excellent workmanship of Amir. The king cherry looks excellent.

Thank you for your help.




Vohringer flooring, product durability stood the test at our home

This testimonial is given freely without hesitation, with no fear or favor.

I have been looking to laminate the floorings of my executive apartment in Choa Chu Kang for the past two years. With the many brands available in the market it can be quite bewildering.

Each vendor trying to persuade and assure prospective clients to install their laminates with attractive pricing, freebies,schemes and guarantees so much so you don't know what is fact or fiction. I chanced upon the advertisement in Straits Times advertising Vohringer Laminates and decided to check them out. I spoke to Mr. Victor Lee and made an appointment to meet.

When we met, his unassuming and sincere mannerism without high pressure won me over. He also quoted me a very reasonable pricing for the laminates as compared to other brands of the same quality available in the market. Mr. Lee presented to my wife and I about the durability of the laminates. Throughout his presentation, he was confident about the quality of his tiles. I decided to do my hall and study room first before going ahead with my whole apartment. I must say that I am extremely satisfied with the attentiveness the layers took in their work to the complete their work.

The completed project really added to the attractiveness, ambience and warmth to the environment and our apartment. My children love running about and playing on the lovely wooded floors . The apartment is enjoying a new look after this makeover. Our main concern was that having five young children in the home,could the floors stand up to the punishment of mischievous little hands or feet.

My concern was over-rated as it has passed the stomp test, the scratch test, the "wee wee" test, the water test and the crayon test. The floors then faced an acid test........ Two weeks into enjoying our lovely laminate floors, the water feature which was placed in the living room leaked water into the planks and caused some swelling.

In panic I called Victor who immediately sent his supervisor down to inspect the damaged area. In his cool and collected manner, Victor reassured me that there would be not much damage and to wait for it to dry. True to his words, today there is barely any visible marks to the damaged area ( see picture)

It is one thing to have a salesperson tell you how wonderful their product is, it is another thing to have the product's durability actually tested first hand.

Both my wife and I are so satisfied with Vohringer's service and quality laminates thatwe have decided to go ahead to install laminates in the three bedrooms as well.

We believe strongly that Vohringer Tiles are the best in the market and a sound investment that one adds value in more ways than one for the environment of one's home. Our family just simply love Vohringer's High Quality Floor Wood Laminates!



Floor looks absolutely fantastic

Hi Victor, sorry for late message.

Just went by Bukit Batok and the floor looks absolutely fantastic. The work done by our painter is no good and has been redone, so please don't install the skirting at the height windows in the living and master yet.



Vohringer laminate floor in my house, still looks new after many years

Hi Manager,

I am glad to know that Vohringer got a blog now which I had posted my comments.

Previously we had engaged a contractor to polish the parquet flooring in our 3 bedrooms and marble in our hall but the polished nice looks do not last long During the polishing, our whole house was dusty and dirty due to sanding of parquet flooring and the liquid the contractor used to polish the marble floor.

In 1995, we engaged Vohringer Singapore who did my colleague’s house to also install laminate wood flooring in our 3 bedrooms and hall. We were pleasantly surprised that there was no need to hack our existing parquet and marble flooring.

Although we had many furnitures in our house, the whole job was completed in 2 days to our satisfaction. The vohringer colour is very nice like real wood. The surface is wood grain and not so slippery and also safer for us as compared to our previous floors.

Now our new floor is not so cold unlike our previous marble floor and also very easy to clean. Every one in our house is elated to have this new Vohringer floor. Two years ago, we again engaged Vohringer to install laminate floor to our office. As expected the whole job was done professionally.

Last month my friend also used Vohringer laminate floor after she saw my laminate flooring still looks new after several years. She said that she like her new flooring because it is nice, not so cold unlike her previous ceramic flooring and easy to clean.

Warmest Regards,



Vohringer Laminates kept up the promise of durability and beauty, and withstand wear, tear, water spillage.


Dear Victor,

This is the time to especially recall dear friends and collegues and associates. Just a short note to thank you sincerely for the three over years of customer centric and sincere support.

The laminates from Vohringer has kept up the promise of durability and beauty - inspite of the punishment of five growing young active children! It has taken the punishment and wear and tear, water spillage, traffic and yet stood this test brilliantly ( remember my concern of my two large aquariums and the need to change water) The warmth of the tiles is never lost and every time anyone comes to my humble home they cannot help to say how lovely and cozy it is - thanks to your tiles. They add the ambience and warmth that makes it look cosy and grand. It is really a right choice and a wise investment - considering I nearly used your competitor's product.

Once again thank you and have a blessed and lovely Christmas!



Company's service & High efficiency, Job well done.

Victor, thks for your help ...
Joseph is really a great worker. I am happy with your company's service and high efficiency. The repair job is well done.

Thank you again.



Fast & efficient Service for your Laminate Flooring

Hi Victor,

Thank you for the fast and efficient service. I am really grateful and appreciate.



Beautiful, fantastic flooring job, workmanship ..

Hi Victor, I have seen the flooring this evening. It is very beautiful. Thank you for doing such a fantastic job.

Your workmanship is so much better than the one which E****** has done for us recently. We should have chosen Vohringer from day 1.




Impressed with your Installation process & service level

Hi Victor,

I am once again very impressed with your service and effort especially when you are able to accommodate to all my requests including me not able to give you more time for the standard logistic planning of the whole installation process but still able to deliver the end results in a very efficient manner.

Thank you so much once again,

Rebecca Ang
Block 269-B, Queen Street, Singapore 182269



Impressed with Vohringer Flooring product


I have used your product in the past and have been very impressed with how it is standing up.I have another project to do and am wondering which "Flooring Companies" in Western Canada carry your product.



Purchased & love Vohringer laminate flooring.


My name is Sharon and I live in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada and I had purchased and layed your laminate flooring the office and hallway of my home. I love the product and find it very durable. I unfortunately did not keep the paperwork fromyour flooring but the date stamped on the back was 07/06/03. I was hoping to replace a couple of boards my dog has ruined as well as continue the flooring into my living room. I believe from you web sit that it was the 'planked natural oak' #133. I was wondering if this product is still available and if so where I could purchase it. I would appreciate an answer whether it is available or not.

Thank you for your time.



Had used & satisfied with Vohringer laminates products


I am in the process of starting my own flooring company in South Wales UK. The Store will sell all floor covering from laminates to safety flooring.

I previously worked for a company called Floors2Go and we used to sell your products I was very impressed with your products and cannot remember any time a customer was not 100% satisfied with your products as you can amagine in this time and day starting up a new business is a challenge but the sight we have planned is in a prime location and has been a carpet/flooring shop for the past 15 years. Tt has its own privtate parking. The building is 70ft long and 35ft wide of shop space and is able to have advertising on 3 sides of building, 1 side by a busy street and the other side by a very busy main road with traffic lights right outside the door to catch people eye.

We are interested in stocking your products and was wishing to have an insight in to what you think of this and what your buying options are on your products any information you can provide us would be very wormly welcomed.

Thank you for your time and hope to here from you in the near future.



Vohringer products keeps getting recommended


I am about to undertake a van conversion on a sprinter van and would welcome a brochure of the products and services your company offers.Your company keeps getting recommended for your wall panelling and flooring.

On contact from yourself i will forward my address. Thanking you in anticipation.



Vohringer product


I need a local retailer or Instalation company for your product. I purchased and had installed my master and office several years ago. I would now like to have the same installed in additional rooms.I live in Boca Raton Florida, if you could provide me the the contact information of a local retailer for your product I would greatly appreciate it.

David Pagano


Satisfied & impressed by the finished job and attitude & skill of Vohringer staff

Dear Sir,

EVERYONE in the house is satisfied & impressed by the finished job and the attitude & skill of your staff. WE THANK YOU VERY MUCH. On that note, please do call/telephone/email/SMS first before you drop by at my house to collect our full and final payment for the JOB VERY WELL DONE. Have a nice weekend.



Good flooring works, and staff are professionals, sincere & co-operative

Dear Mr. Victor,

This is to express our sincere thanks for the good flooring works performed by you at our new residence. Your team of people were good professionals, sincere and co-operative. I will definitely recommend your service to my friends and contacts.



Pleased with your high quality materials & performance

Hi Victor,

Thanks for sending me the photos u have taken. I'm very pleased with your high quality materials and performance. I am very much delighted and elated having the vohringer floor.



Thanks for good work

Can you confirm the balance i owe so i can giro to you.
Thanks for the good work



Nicely done white laminate flooring

Dear Victor,

The rooms nicely done with white laminated flooring. love it!
Thank u! My id will contact u once the living room is ready for flooring,




Happy for prompt support & response

Hi Victor ,

thank you so much .I deeply appreciate your prompt support and response. Looking forward to enjoy the flooring soon.

Many blessings,


Love the new laminate floor

Dear Victor,

Thanks! I love my new laminate floor very much!

Best regards


Happy & Satisfied customer - impressed with end result & quality finishes

Thank you Victor for delivering your personalised & excellent service.

We are really impressed with the end result & quality finishes. We are also grateful for all your best efforts in delivering on your promises. We are one happy & satisfied customer.
Thank you.



Laminate Flooring Pioneer, priority in Quality & Service

Quality and service are our 1st priority. Vohringer is one of the pioneer in the market for laminate flooring, we look forward for the good quality of the products and workmanship.



Love your product

Hi Mr Victor,

We love it so much!! Thanks for all the assistance that we received from you!!

Thanks & Regards
Sp Dip Safety & Risk Mgmt,
Roswell Pte Ltd, Mustang Engineering( A Wood Group Company )
ExxonMobil Singapore Chemical Complex
Singapore Parallel Train
Project- Process Control Construction Team
PDO-X C 1-49