Why Choose Vohringer?



1. “VOHRINGER” trade marks are pressed on the back of every floor plank to prevent counterfeit. Founded in 1921 in Baden-wuerteemberg, Germany, Vohringer specialises in wood products and laminate flooring and over the years has garnered a reputation of reliability and trustworthiness with its world-renowned manufacturing process.


2. Vohringer planks have a lifetime warranty against wear-through, stains and colour fading from exposure to indirect sunlight or normal artificial light in a residential environment. This applies to installation in its designated class by authorized installers. Lifetime warranty does not cover water, accidental damages and flooring accessories.


3. The guarantee also covers manufacturing defects eg. distortion and cracks and workmanship. Distortion due to prolong water soaking is excluded.


4. Vohringer also guarantee that its formaldehyde level comply strictly with European E1 level standard.


It uses the advanced ‘heat and direct pressure’ lamination process to fuse the tough melamine overlay to the high density core. Only the best raw materials from renewable resources are used to produce high quality, durable and aesthetically pleasing flooring. Tests on Vohringer laminate flooring have shown that they surpass various European and international standards.


Its clients include Mercedes-Benz automobile company.
Wear-Resistant, Stain-Resistant, Fade-Resistant, and Durability
Vohringer’s world-renowned advanced computer-operated manufacturing process enables it to make extremely wear-resistant and durable laminate flooring for other reputable laminate flooring companies in Europe and North America. Vohringer guarantees that its laminate flooring can withstand the rigours of daily use over a sustained period of time. It has also attained the DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 certification for quality management system.

Vohringer flooring is resistant to household chemicals. Vohringer flooring does not fade when exposed to bright electric light and indirect sunlight.


Water Resistance
The top layer of Vohringer laminate flooring is impervious to water. Vohringer’s unique click system prevent water seepage. Water dip tests show that it is 8 times more water resistant than other brands.


Cost and Time Savings

No messy hacking of existing flooring, removing the hassle of noise and dust.  Requires only one or two days to install Voringer laminate flooring over existing flooring, thus saving you time and money.


Scratch resistance

Vohringer laminate flooring exceeds the European Standard EN438-2.6, making it more scratch resistant than most kitchen tops.


Impact Resistance

The high-density core material with its unique Multi-Layer System allows Vohringer laminate flooring to take even the most rigorous punishment. Dropping of objects and high heel shoes do not leave any permanent indentations on the floor.



Vohringer laminate flooring does not allow the breeding of dust mites or microorganisms due to it’s completely sealed surface. It is hygienic, non-toxic and will not cause any skin-allergies.


Safe for Children and the elderly

Vohringer laminate wood flooring has a unique ‘cushioning effect’ and will reduce the impact of any fall comparing to ceramic or marble flooring.


Maintenance Free

A simple sweeping or vacuuming or a wipe with a damp mop will suffice when the floor is dirty. For stubborn spots like markers, crayon, ink, shoe polish, nail varnish, tar and cigarette burns, the use of normal household solvents (or methylated spirit or acetone) can easily remove these stains.


Cigarette Burns and Reaction to Fire

It is insensitive to cigarette burns and it is flame-resistant. Its burn resistant quality meets guidelines set by the European Standard EN438-2.18.


Environmentally Friendly

Vohringer flooring is made from natural and renewable raw materials, which contains no harmful chemical substances. It attained the DIN EN ISO 14001:1996 qualification for its successful environmental management system.


Easy Installation System

With Vohringer’s unique ‘lock-click’ profile, the installation of the floor is simple and fast and fits precisely.