Vohringer (S) Pte Ltd has been selected selected for the SME Prestige Award of the Year 2015

see below:

From: “Charmaine Lee”
Date: 26 January 2015 4:18:53 pm SGT

Subject: An Exclusive Invitation for SME Prestige 2015
Dear Mr Lee Chak Moe,

An Exclusive Invitation for Vohringer (S) Pte Ltd

The Award Organizing Committee takes great pleasure to inform you Vohringer (S) Pte Ltd has been selected for the SME Prestige Award of the Year 2015 and we would like your company to be part of our elite entrepreneurial community.

The SME PRESTIGE AWARD 2015 is a proud initiative from Media Enrich Enterprise (a subsidiary of Singapore Enrich Group Pte Ltd), where it showcases our outstanding SMEs in Singapore who have shown an impressive track record and dedication in expanding it’s branding as well as the quality of products and services to its client base.

Based on a nomination process, this invitation program is to promote and honor our local self-determined entrepreneurial elites who possess entrepreneurial spirits in the operation of their small and medium-sized business. The recognition is given to local companies based on quality products, commendable services rendered to the public and its contributions to the economic development of Singapore.

The publication book will be distributed to various areas:
• Various statutory boards
• Various government divisions
• Town Councils
• High Commissions
• Embassies
• Schools & Libraries
• Private Organizations

There will be an invitation to the award presentation dinner during the month of June 2015. The company will receive the award from our Singapore Member of Parliament.
Exposure through SMRT advertisement panel and The Business Times will be provided, giving these companies due recognition and support. With a heightened public profile, these enterprises can enjoy greater business opportunities as a result.
For more information you may visit http://www.mee.sg

Please see below video links for you further understanding of the award.

 SME Prestige Award 2013 / 2014
 Singapore Entrepreneurs’ Award Presentation Ceremony 2013/2014
 Asia Excellence Awards 2014
 Singapore Excellence Award 2013 / 2014
For your info,there will be a sponsorship required to cover for the printing and editorial interview as well as for the logistics and operational cost of this prestigious event.

Look forward to meet up with you at your office to have a further discussion to allow you to have a better understanding.

Thank you.

Best Regards,

Charmaine Lee (Ms)
Project Officer
Media Enrich Enterprise Pte Ltd
(+65) 6747 2251 / 9029 1761

Please do not hesitate to contact us at:

Email: charmaine@mee.sg
Official Address
Media Enrich Enterprise
59 Ubi Avenue 1, #04-14
BizLink Centre
Singapore 408938


International Trade Council – Call for Speakers

Call for Speakers
International Trade Council Webinar Series
The International Trade Council is compiling a roster of thought leaders and industry insiders to speak in the Council’s regular webinar programme – packed with timely insights, strategic views, and actionable items.

The Council is currently accepting speaker proposals now for 2015

Benefits of presenting:
• Showcase your expertise as a thought-leader to a suitable target audience.
• Reach an audience of national and international prospects.
• Attract, and retain, the attention of prospective clients.
• Build your brand
• Often leads to participants requesting further information and/or to contact the presenter outside of the presentation forum.
• Provides a fast way to attract a large audience and turn them into paying clientele later on.
• The webinar can be run from the comfort of your own office and at zero cost.
ITC webinars have been attended by up to 200 CEO’s and senior managers at a time – making it an ideal platform for speakers to showcase their expertise on a wide range of topics.

Members of the International Trade Council include large corporations, small businesses, domestic organisations, chambers of commerce and business associations, educational institutions and legislators.

Important notes:
Proposals promoting specific company products or services will not be accepted; however proposals explaining underlying methodologies, technologies and/or impacts of the same are acceptable. Speakers will be provided with contact details of all attendees (registered and/or attending). Contact info for the primary speaker of the submission is included. We require direct contact with presenters to expedite questions during the submission review process and will not consider submissions where we are unable to do this.
ITC news reaches CEO’s at 2.4 million companies!

Top 10 Reasons to Join the ITC
1. Status: Become known as a community leader through your membership in the Council. Participants can also increase their status by participating in high-profile events, webinars and volunteer opportunities.
2. Connections: Create strategic alliances and build lasting business relationships through networking, social media and events. We can even arrange for you to host a networking event – featuring your business – and we will do all of the work sending email invites and follow-ups for you (and at no extra cost)!
3. Knowledge: Take advantage of professional development programming and educational seminars and webinars that are complimentary with membership.
4. Credibility: The International Trade Council works with major corporations, non-profit organisations, chambers of commerce and legislators worldwide. Membership is limited to only those organisations which display the highest levels of quality and integrity.
5. Representation: Become part of a collective voice of over 1.3 million business owners speaking out together to affect local, national and international trade policies.
6. Visibility: Be there when your potential consumers are searching for your specific service or product through the ITC online business directory, twitter page, youtube video page and email newsletters. (the ITC will also produce a 30 second “introductory/spokesperson-style” video about your business free of charge).
7. Information: Receive regular updates about issues that will have an impact on your business.
8. Growth: Gain new customers and grow sales through no-cost promotions like the Council’s couponing program and discounted rates a range of products and services.
9. Savings: Receive free contact databases, legal advice, training coursewares, ebooks, discounted access to meeting rooms in 37 countries and other member-to-member discounts.
10. Good Citizenship: Be known as a home-grown business that is there for those who want to buy local and keep their dollars spent in their community.

The ITC has members in 72 countries and includes some of the world’s largest corporations.

More information can be found at http://www.untradecouncil.org


International Trade Council
Rond-Pont Schuman 11. 1040 Brussels. Belgium
Phone: +32 (2) 588 5803 | Fax: +32 (2) 588 5804
Website: http://www.untradecouncil.org

International Trade Council invite Vohringer to be member


Below is the letter we received from the International Trade Council:

From: “Michel Stahl”
Date: 30 October 2014 3:46:12 am SGT
To: “Vohringer (S) Pte Ltd ”
Subject: Vohringer (S) Pte Ltd Followup
Reply-To: “Michel Stahl”
30th October 2014

Invitation to Vohringer (S) Pte Ltd

I would like to personally invite Vohringer (S) Pte Ltd to become a member of the International Council.

As one of the largest business networks in the world, the International Trade Council provides access to practical, measurable business expansion opportunities by delivering high-caliber networking and targeted marketing platforms, as well as top-quality business intelligence, one-on-one business, lobbyist and political introductions, discounted legal, marketing and support staff and liaison with policy-makers and news agencies over business related matters and regulatory advice and influence.

Members in the ITC include many of the world’s largest firms including Apple, Samsung, Sainsbury’s, Walmart, Microsoft, Airbus, Royal Dutch Shell, Verizon Communications, Total, Unilever, Heinz, Pfizer, BASF, Coca-Cola, Zurich Insurance, Disney, Merck Sharp& Dome, Hilton, Isuzu, BAE, Sky, Adecco, Mittal, Mitsubishi and many others from virtually all industry sectors. Other members in the ITC include 257 chambers of commerce and senior legislators from 37 countries. This provides the ITC with a reach of over 8 million companies.

The major benefit of involvement with the ITC is access – access to the right companies, the right connections, audiences, influence and intelligence.

In addition to 1:1 business introductions, free marketing and other promotional opportunities, the ITC offers business connections to potential clients, customers and business partners through our events program (more than 200 events annually) as well as though participation in national and international industry working groups.

Once joined, members receive personal mentoring, business introductions and the opportunity to feature their content in articles released by the Council to more than two million business owners, politicians and journalists worldwide. Member companies may also display the Council’s logo on their website and in their marketing materials; thereby highlighting their membership in the Council and their firm committment to quality, integrity and honesty.
You may find out more about the Council via the attached overview and its website at http://www.mytradecouncil.org. Member regitration forms and/or the online form is available on that site.

Once again, it would be a pleasure to bring Vohringer (S) Pte Ltd on board and assist in its business growth.

Michel Stahl
Members Secretariat
International Trade Council


Rond-Point Schuman 11. Bruxelles, 1040. Belgium
Phone: +32 (2) 588 5803 | Fax: +32 (2) 588 5804
Website: www.mytradecouncil.org


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Vohringer (S) Pte Ltd has been nominated for the SME One Asia Awards 2013.


See below letter:

From:SME1 @css [mailto:sme1@creativeservices.com.sg]
Sent: Wednesday, 14 November, 2012 10:50 AM
To: enquiry@vohringer.com.sg
Cc: tabitha @css
Subject: SME One Asia Awards 2013 – Nominations

Dear Mr Lee,

Congratulation, your company Vohringer (S) Pte Ltd has been short listed as a nominee for the SME One Asia Awards 2013.

Creative Services is the Official Nomination Partner of SME One Asia Awards 2013 organised by APF Group. We assist our Award Nominees in their Submissions, Media Relations, Branding, Sponsorships, etc. from the start of the awards process to the Awards Ceremony and Gala Dinner.

SMEs nominated for this prestigious award will undergo an independent selection process, with advise and assessment from a panel of Distinguished Judges/Advisors.

There will also be extensive coverage by the media in the Business Times, Straits Times & Zao Bao and the program will be aired on Channel News Asia, the official media partner of SME One Asia Awards.

As a winner, your company profile will be used in our advertising materials to be showcased locally and in the Asia Pacific Region. All these publicity will help in creating awareness, recognition, and ultimately provide business opportunities to increase your sales revenue.

The SME One Asia Awards 2013 will be held in May. Though the nomination closes in December ’12, already applications are flowing in. Hence, we encourage you to send in your nomination to make an early booking.

Executive summary brochure of SME One Asia Awards 2013 and the nomination form are attached. Please visit our website at www.creativeservices.com.sg for more details.

Do feel free to call Ariel at 6749 2311 should you need additional information.

Warmest Regards,

The Secretariat
Creative Services Singapore Pte Ltd
Official Nomination Partner of SME One Asia Awards 2013

Creative Services Singapore Pte Ltd
Enterprise One, 1 Kaki Bukit Road 1 #02-22
Singapore 415934
Tel: 6749 23 11 Fax: 6749 64 33