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Vohringer Singapore – The Flooring specialist

* Award Winning Flooring Specialist !
* Vohringer is a HDB Registered Renovation Contractor.
  – Registration No. HB-11-4599Z
* Vohringer is an approved BCA contractor under Class 2 General Builder Licence
  – Could undertake project up to $6 million dollars. Licensing code: GB2.
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Laminate Flooring in Singapore – Vohringer Introduction


Vohringer History

In 1921, Vohringer was founded in Baden-wuerteemberg, Germany specializing in wood products and furnitures. In more than ninety years, Vohringer has developed into the biggest producer of furnitures for recreational vehicles in Europe and also supply to famous automobile companies such as Mercedes-Benz . In addition, Vohringer has also been supplying furnitures and semi-finished wood products to some famous furniture brands.


Vohringer – Laminate Flooring Manufacturer & Supplier

Vohringer, with its outstanding world-renowned flooring manufacturing process is a reputable supplier of laminate flooring products to other laminate flooring brands in Europe and North America. It has also owned several important patents, including having won numerous honours and awards through the years. And we are rated one of the world’s best laminate flooring manufacturer and supplier.





Laminate Flooring Structure

Our laminate floor is a four-layered structure (highly scratch resistant overlay, decorative film, High Density Fibreboard core, moisture repellent balancing film for dimensional stability) withstands the toughest household activity and resists moisture, scratches, indentations, stains and surface burns.

Using our technology, Vohringer has developed and grow to one of the world’s largest manufacturers and supplier of laminate wood flooring today with many satisfied customers.