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Laminate flooring is a multi-layer flooring made of wood compressed and fused together through a lamination process. And over the years, the name laminate wood floor may be used synonymously with  laminate flooring.  And laminate floor products has grown significantly more popular than the traditional wood flooring products, as it is easier to install and maintain than more traditional wood surfaces such as hardwood or parquet flooring. Additionally, laminate wood flooring not only costs less, but is also highly scratch resistant, low maintenance and hygienic.   Vohringer laminate floor in particular is getting very popular because it is very quick to install, cost effective, durable, beautiful, safe for children and the elderly and easy to clean.

Vohringer Laminate Flooring Manufacturing Machines

Vohringer Laminate Flooring Manufacturing Machines

The laminate wood floor from Vohringer is an ‘overlay’ system or a ‘floating floor’ system which does not require glueing or nailing to the existing sub-floor. Before 1998, Vohringer laminate floor planks were tongue-and-groove system using glue to hold the planks together. The planks need to be clamped for 24 hours for the glue to set before walking on them.


After 1998, Vohringer planks came in glueless click system. The floor can be used immediately after installation. Laminate wood flooring from Vohringer are so quick to install that the wood laminate installation in 3 bedrooms can usually completed within a day, providing great ease for the house owner to move in to their homes on the same night.

Furthermore, the sub-floor, which may be made of marble, ceramic, slate, parquet floor, solid wood floor need not be hacked. Therefore in some cases, house owners wanted to install Vohringer wood laminate over their brand new marble or ceramic or parquet flooring to protect their existing expensive flooring. Later, when they sell their house they can sell with their original flooring in brand new condition at higher price.Nevertheless, Laminate flooring from Vohringer will continue to look new after many years of usage. For example, when a house owner decided to install Vohringer laminate floor in another room, she was delighted to discover that she could not see any difference between the new and old wood laminate floor boards from Vohringer.


Laminate Wood Plank

Manufacturing_process for Laminate Wood Floor products

Manufacturing_process for Laminate Wood Floor products

Makeup of Laminate Wood Plank

Laminate wood floor planks from Vohringer comprises of 4 layers which are bonded together using resin, heat and pressure. The top layer is an aluminium oxide wear layer (which makes the laminate wood floor surface extremely durable and scratch resistant), followed by the colour layer (which gives the laminate floor the attractive appearance). The third layer is a high density fibre (or hdf) core material, which is the main part of the plank. Some layers of hdf are impregnated with paraffin wax at the edges to prevent water from penetrating. The fourth and final layer is the backing layer that stabilises the board.


Laminate Wood Floor vs Parquet or Wood Flooring

Vohringer laminate floor simulate the beauty of real wood and is more scratch resistant than parquet or wood flooring. As laminate floor is pre-finished in the factory, there is no need to sand down, stain and varnish. This saves a lot of time and reduces dust during installation. Every few years you would need to maintain parquet or wood flooring by sanding and varnishing again. Laminate floor is truly maintenance free.  For example, if you pour a cup of coffee onto solid wood flooring, it would leave a permanent stain. However on Vohringer laminate wood flooring, there would be no stain as the top surface is impervious to water or other liquids.

The top part of Vohringer laminate wood planks are also waterproof which mean you can clean the wood laminate daily even using a slightly damp mop. Nevertheless, the core material of a laminate floor is high density fibre made from wood, so therefore the floor cannot be mopped too wet or wash.   Moreover, if you have a concrete sub-floor that has a little moisture, thus it would not allow wood flooring to be glued on, Vohringer laminate flooring is the right choice. We first lay a layer of PE sheet, then PE foam, followed by the floor board. Additionally, laminate wood floor from Vohringer can be used in high traffic area due to its top tough aluminium oxide layer, and the colours of the planks do not fade.


Laminate Wood Flooring vs Ceramic or Marble Floor

Laminate flooring from Vohringer can look like ceramic or marble floor but without the grout joints that can collect dirt. The laminate floor boards are joined by clicking them together.  Cleaning of laminate flooring is much easier compared to ceramic or marble flooring. Many customers like the fact that the surface of laminate floor is always at room temperature and are not so cold to walk on. We also have customers who wanted laminate floor specifically because their children have fallen on ceramic flooring and hurt themselves.  

For parquet flooring, pouring coffee on marble floor will also leave a permanent stain, but not on laminate floor. In addition, the grout lines of ceramic tiles will also turn black after a few years and you would need to re-apply white grout to the tile joints. With laminate flooring, you are grout-free.   Be that as it may, the main advantage of having ceramic flooring or marble flooring compared to laminate flooring is that you can wash the floor wet. Likewise, ceramic tiles are recommended to be used in the kitchen, as ceramic flooring is the most durable to handle wet washing to keep the kitchen floor clean.


Laminate Wood Floor vs Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) or Resilient Flooring

Resilient flooring includes high end resilient flooring, luxury vinyl tile (LVT), vinyl sheet and rubber flooring. Vohringer laminate floor is primarily made of wood, which is a renewable natural source. Therefore compared to luxury vinyl tile  or resilient flooring that are made of vinyl, laminate floor will look and feel like wood. Also wood laminate flooring from Vohringer are more stain resistant and flame retardant than resilient flooring.

As laminate floor is thicker than LVT, it can be installed even if the sub-floor is slightly uneven. Laminate floor is also tougher and more scratch resistant than resilient flooring.


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