Vohringer aims to be the top laminate flooring supplier providing customers with durable high quality laminate floor & wood flooring products with excellent workmanship at competitive prices.

Laminate Flooring | Laminate Wood Floor in Singapore

Founded in 1921 in Baden-wuerteemberg, Germany, Vohringer specialises in laminate flooring and wood floor products. And over the years it has garnered a reputation of reliability and trustworthiness with its world-renowned manufacturing process.
With its outstanding world-renowned manufacturing process, Vohringer has grown to become a reputable supplier of laminate wood flooring products globally and in Singapore. Through the joint effort of our dedicated staff, our laminate flooring products have won numerous honours and awards through the years. And it has enabled  us  to rank as one of the world’s best brand manufacturer  in laminate flooring and wood floor products.

Counterfeit, Guarantee and No Hacking of Existing Floor


To prevent counterfeit, all Vohringer planks have “VOHRINGER ” identification marks pressed on the back of every floor plank. All Vohringer planks comply striclty with European E1 formaldehyde level standard. Due to our devotion, we have received many strong testimonials from satisfied customers.


Vohringer laminate floor planks have a lifetime warranty against wear-through, stains and colour fading from exposure to indirect sunlight or normal artificial light in a residential environment. This applies to installation in its designated class by authorized installers. Lifetime warranty does not cover water, accidental damages and flooring accessories.The guarantee also covers manufacturing defects eg. distortion and cracks and workmanship. Distortion due to prolong water soaking is excluded.


Vohringer wood floor laminate is treated against termite, anti-bacteria and is highly water-resistant, scratch-resistant, impact-resistant, cigarette burns resistant, flame resistant, maintenance-free and can withstand heavy loading. With its wood-grain finish it is safe for children and the elderly.


Vohringer laminate flooring installation requires no hacking of existing floor. Most jobs can be completed within 1 or 2 days.


Vohringer  has been manufacturing composite panels which are used inside Mercedes Benz and other camper homes since 1921.   And this experience is used to manufacture high quality expensive looking laminate floor. And it has enabled us to become one of the largest laminate floor specialist providing designer brand laminate and wood flooring  products.


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